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Cần tuyển Lập trình viên trên MacOS (MacOS developer, salary min 700USD)

#1 User is offline   zelonght 

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Gửi vào 04 November 2011 - 05:37 PM

Software Engineer / Experienced MacOS Developer (Min 700USD)

Nuvixa is revolutionizing the way people communicate with video. Nuvixa's mission is to deliver a radically improved video communication experience that is more immersive, compelling, and intuitive than existing video technology. Nuvixa technology makes use of emerging camera technologies, such as the Microsoft Kinect Sensor, to create new capabilities not possible with existing video products.

Real-time collaboration and communication are more important than ever in today's environment of global business, virtual teams, and, even, wanderlust. Video conferencing and conventional video chat are commonplace tools in the office and home as a means of working and keeping in touch with family and friends. But this old paradigm often feels 'flat' -- lacking a sense of truly being there -- leaving participants feeling disengaged.

Nuvixa software actually places participants in a shared space, adding a new dimension to video conferencing. This more immersive approach helps engage and connect people by allowing them to better work, converse and share experiences -- making 'virtual presence' a reality

The possibilities are endless.

Nuvixa is taking video calling, conferencing and social interactions via video to whole new level. Be Present!

We are looking for talented, creative, responsible, motivated and enthusiastic professionals who fit in our needs. In return, we offer:
- Challenges after challenges to make the world best online communication tool ever.
- A chance to learn and share the state-of-the-art technologies with US experts.
- Amazing projects.
- A professional American style working environment with a world class team: fun, dynamic, and effective.
- Very competitive compensation and benefit package that matches with your talent.
- New friends.

Job description:
We are looking for an experienced MacOS C/C++ developer who can help us to develop Mac versions of cutting edge products, build up a state-of-the–art online collaboration platform, contribute cool ideas and convert them into awesome applications.

Must have:
- Proficiency in C/C++/VC++/MFC.
- Experience with developing applications and user interfaces on MacOS.
- Experienced in installer packing.
- Ability to deliver good practical code, creative ideas.
- Know how to debug and optimize code.
- Ability to work under pressure.
- Good teamwork, communication skills.
- Ability to communicate clearly in English and work in a global team.

Preferred to have:
- Experienced in media streaming server: Adobe Streaming server, Wowza, Red5.
- Strong background in video streaming, video codec, encoding, video network protocol.
- Experience in developing multimedia applications.
- Good at Java programming.

Salary: ≥700USD, negotiable + other benefits, bonus.

If you have what it takes, come make a difference and build up the future with us. Just email us your CV and your school records (if applicable). The email subject is the position you want to apply. If you have further questions about careers with Nuvixa, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Nuvixa Vietnam Corporation.
Office: 196/12 Cong Hoa street, Ward 12, Tan Binh district, HCM city.
Website: www.nuvixa.com - Email: jobs_vn@nuvixa.com

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