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HDR Light Studio (64bit) 4.1 with plugins & Picture Lights Đánh Giá: -----

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Gửi vào 11 May 2013 - 10:22 PM

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HDR Light Studio (64bit) 4.1 with plugins & Picture Lights | 1.2 Gb

HDR Light Studio is an interactive tool for creating custom HDR environment maps for image based lighting of CG scenes. Work with a dynamic HDR canvas where Synthetic and Picture based light sources are positioned, scaled, colored all on fly on the HDRI.

Lightmap has released HDR Light Studio 4.1, a update to its real-time image-based lighting tool, adding a new Live link to 3ds Max and V-Ray.

The link enables artists to light their scenes using HDR Light Studio’s interactive HDR canvas and view the changes in 3D in real time, using V-Ray RT, V-Ray’s interactive preview, as their ActiveShade renderer.

HDR Light Studio then automatically reflects any changes made in 3ds Max to geometries or materials.

The software also comes with a range of existing Live plugins for applications including Maya, Houdini, Maxwell Render, KeyShot and Showcase Pro.

About HDR Light Studio

Launched in 2009, HDR Light Studio has become the de facto standard for interactive creation and control of image based lighting for computer graphics. The software provides a fast and efficient way to light a 3D scene with photo-real results, while fitting into all major 3D rendering pipelines on the market. It is used worldwide by 3D artists lighting CGI shots of cars, jewelry and all other rendered models and in animated TV commercials and movie VFX. HDR Light Studio creates a single HDRI map containing the entire lighting for a scene providing total realism with illumination and reflections working in harmony. This innovative, patents pending, approach to lighting has allowed manufacturing, visualization and entertainment companies to bring their creations to life with photo-real perfection.

About Lightmap

Lightmap Limited is a leader in photo realistic lighting design tools for CGI and VFX professionals. Lightmap software enables artists and designers to create perfection and control reality when lighting their vision.

Link Rapidgator :



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