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Tổng hợp các game cho iOS mới nhất 2013 cho ae chơi tết

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1./ Go Go Mushroom game for IPad.
Download: https://itunes.apple...d594755379?mt=8

Nàng công chúa Nấm thất lạc trong rừng và bây giờ chạy để thoát khỏi các loài động vật. Đi cứu công chúa bằng cách xoay, trượt, nghiêng iPad để giúp cô qua những trở ngại trong khi cô đang chạy. Với môi trường đầy màu sắc như khu rừng nấm, trái cây kẹo, Go Go Mushroom sẽ cung cấp cho bạn một trải nghiệm game hoàn toàn mới, mới mẻ và thú vị trên iPad.
Các tính năng:
★ swipe đơn giản và độ nghiêng điều khiển được dễ dàng và thuận tiện để chơi.
★ Tiny và công chúa Nấm đáng yêu.
★ môi trường 3D đầy màu sắc với nhiều hiệu ứng vui nhộn.
★ Có được hàng chục điện-up để tăng cường khả năng của công chúa.
★ vô cùng thú vị, trò chơi vô cùng hấp dẫn.

The Mushroom Princess is lost in the jungle and now on the run to escape from the animals. Go save the Princess by turning, sliding, titling the iPad to help her get over the obstacles while she's running. With colorful environments like Mushroom, Fruit and Candy jungles , Go Go Mushroom will give you a completely new, fresh and exciting running game experience on the iPad. https://itunes.apple...d594755379?mt=8
Posted Image

2./Ray Connect
Download: https://itunes.apple...d512137235?mt=8


Lost in an ancient world of temples, you must find your way back home. The only thing that surrounds you are the facial carvings engraved deep within the temple walls. These carved face stones mask the rays that will lead you to the only path out. Carefully calculate the carved face stones in the direction to ensure that the rays hit one another. Once you have connected the rays, you will have brought yourself back to the world.
Posted Image

3./ Flying Monkey Adventure
Download: https://itunes.apple...d555233313?mt=8

Don't let the Monkey bullies get you! Pop the bullies's balloon before they can pop yours!

The best is when you battle it out with your friends with the Multiplayer and see who is the last Monkey left standing!!

Awesome features:
- Fly through 45 unique levels
- Game center MULTIPLAYER!
Posted Image

4./ emotiCard
Download: https://itunes.apple...40889?ls=1&mt=8


Father's Day is right around the corner! Graduation! Love and Friendship! Send a message to show that you are thinking of them. Personalize and add in your own emotions. emoCard is different from all the other cards because you can add music... a twist that adds a little something to your caring thoughts. Send one...send many now!
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5./ Water Machine

itunes link: https://itunes.apple...d585477507?mt=8


Remember the Waterful toy from back in the 70s? We've upgraded the classic handheld water toy to meet today's generation. It's the best retro toy game on the app store with 4 different modes and 7 different puzzles. Different kind of creative puzzles to keep you entertained and nostalgic.


★ Simple control just with two buttons and accelerator virtual.
★ 4 amazing modes and more than 7 wonderful puzzles to enjoy.
★ Awesome water enviroment with beautiful bubble balls with retina display graphics.
★ Fun, relaxing and entertaining gameplay.

All iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad).

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

6./ Fruit War : The Forest

itunes link: https://itunes.apple...d571844567?mt=8


This game play is base on turn base shooting game. You can play with your friend on Game Center or play in single mode to unlock items and hero

iPhone Screenshots
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Trailer Video: https://www.facebook...430382600387530

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Oanh beo

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